A Hill STudio

My name is Alysha Hill and I am the artist and creator of A Hill Studio!  I am a born and raised Minnesotan and craft whimsical utilitarian ceramics with locally sourced clay. From dishes, earrings, and to home decor, I create functional art that holds a vessel of treasures, from the thrills of use, to capturing memories of moments. You can be sure that anything made by A Hill Studio is feel-good art made with absolute care!


When using an A Hill Studio piece, know that it's a positive statement piece. It is not only a completely well thought-out handmade one-of-a-kind item, but you are also supporting a small business, an artist, and a hard-working one-woman-run operation. 

Handcrafted in Minnesota

As a Minnesotan, I find pride, joy, and most importantly, inspiration in the land of lakes. I've traveled the world, exploring vast continents and countries,  delving into local cultures. However, my Minnesota homeland keeps calling me back.

 I pride myself in sourcing clay from local businesses building community and trust.